EasyCast Tips and Inspiration - Post Four

 Here are two more reasons to consider working in molds with EasyCast.
 EasyCast is a two component, low odor, solvent free, clear casting epoxy. It’s ideal for casting small decorative items.  This is the fourth post showing you some of my projects working in a silicone mold tray.  (Links to all the posts are below.)
As mentioned, I like to make the first layer,or roughly 1/3 of my mold, a simple clear resin pour.  You can see the resin curing in the mold.
 Then I add my embellishments and paper to that first cured layer.  Remember, you are working backwards because the bottom of the mold is the top when it is all cured.  I glued my paper imagery onto that first layer of cured resin with a generous coating of a clear drying decoupage medium.
 Then I sealed the back of the paper several times, letting each layer of glue dry thoroughly before the next application.  Because it is starting to get humid again, I let this dry overnight so that the glue was completely dry and clear.
 I made my second batch of EasyCast and added our opaque black pigment to colour it.  Also, note that I added glitter glue to the edges of my artwork.  That glitter glue had also dried overnight.
 I allowed that final resin pour to cure overnight as well.
The results speak for themselves!
The black background looks fabulous and I can see the glitter edging like a frame.

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