Monday, April 28, 2014

Shrinky Dink and A Resin Glaze - Out of the Archives

These tiny tiles are the result of one layer of Envirotex Lite as a glaze.  I always try and remind my readers that one coat of Envirotex Lite is like 50 coats of varnish.  
Why not let Envirotex Lite do all the work for you?
The tiles started out as images I printed onto shrinky dink plastic.  After they were shrunk, they looked very pretty but I prefer a glossy surface.  (You can read about how I made these on my regular blog linked here.)
When you use Envirotex Lite as a glaze you have to remember that the brush you use will need to be thrown out.   You can't wash resin from a brush.  I keep lots of inexpensive brushes in my studio from the dollar store.  
I poured a tiny dollop of Envirotex Lite on each tile.
With my brush I made sure that I covered the whole surface of each tile.  I let these cure for 48 hours.
 For a little more detail I also ran my gold foil marker along all the edges.
 They turned out better than I had hoped!
 Here they are affixed to this card series.
Everything looks better with a little Envirotex Lite glaze!


  1. I agree, these are really great!

    I think they'd make fab bookmarks too - just mount the tiles a little closer to the top. I love them on cards - you could use the same patterned cardstock only smaller.

    Lovely project - totally inspiring!

  2. These are lovely! If there were a bit smaller they would make a great pendant! Thanks for the inspiration... I love shrink art plastic!


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