More Candle Holders With EasyCast

 I have a few more candle holder ideas to share with you today!
Yesterday's blog explained how I made these EasyCast filled glass bowls.
 I also found these unique glass candle holders.  The bottom was open and I knew I could fill this space with embellishments and EasyCast.  It is always a little harder to work upside down, but I found a way to make my people stand up.  I surrounded them with seed beads.
 There were a few areas that the resin did not reach in the first pour.  This is why I always prefer to work in layers.  It takes longer doing several resin pours, but you can make corrections along the way.
 A second pour of EasyCast filled my bottom completely.
 My next two candle holders look like stained glass.  I filled them with buttons and left over beads from dozens of other projects.
 I poured in just enough EasyCast to cover all the embellishments.  With so many inclusions, there are hundreds of tiny air pockets.  Bubbles continued to rise to the surface for almost an hour after my first pour.
 My second pour of EasyCast I coloured.  One candle holder has white resin and the second features pink.
 Here is the final candle holder featuring the people.
Here are my other two beaded samples.  Note that the first candle holder has a lot of extra pink colouring.  The buttons I added were not waterproof and their colours bled into the clear resin.  I love the random tinting that happened.

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