Jewelry Resin and Clay Pocket Watch Pendant

 Todays mini how-to features my two favorite mediums:  Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay.
These two products work beautifully together.
 You don't have to be an expert to create a pocket watch pendant like this one.  I painted the original pocket watch green and pink.  I placed a small portion of Jewelry clay into the pocket watch here.
 The clay is my 3D glue.  I used it to position my vintage bamboo brooch on the edge so that it appears to be suspended.
 Then I placed green crystals into the clay.
 I brushed some Pearl-Ex pigments onto any of the clay still exposed.  I allowed everything to then cure overnight.
 This is my pendant on day two.  I just brush away the excess powder.
 I then gathered some stickers.
I placed the stickers and my telephone charm into my open areas and then poured in Jewelry Resin.
I love my finished pocket watch pendant!  
Jewelry resin and clay made this possible.

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