Easter Resin - And Another Great Tip!

 These sweet bunnies with their matching carrots are another example of what you can create with a greeting card.
 This project uses this greeting card, a group of silver bezels, a one inch hole punch and a Xyron sticker maker.
 Once I punch out my one inch circles I run them through the sticker maker.
 This way I know my paper imagery is firmly affixed in my bezel.
 I always seal my paper with three different applications of a decoupage glue.  You can see here that I paint on the medium and then allow it to thoroughly dry before painting on another layer.  Sealing paper imagery is something I do at least 24 hours before I pour resin over paper.  You want to be absolutely sure that your glue is 100% dry.
Now I make a batch of Jewelry Resin.
This is where my GREAT TIP comes in!
When you work in a very shallow bezel like the ones I chose for this project, the possibility of an over-pour is high.  (You know, resin pools out of your bezel and you can't stop it.)
So here is what I do.
I make my resin and let it sit in the cup until it thickens up.  This could take 25 minutes sometimes longer.  I check it with a popsicle stick and when it is very thick I pour it.
See, the resin is in the bezel and not running over the shallow edges.  My finished peices are gorgeous and clear and I didn't have to cut away excess resin.

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