Thursday, April 17, 2014

Building an Art Brooch with Jewelry Clay - Part Two

 This is my finished art brooch!  
I know, I know, it is over the top and over-embellished.  
That is how I like my jewelry!  
One of a kind, strange and unique.
 In yesterday's post I explained how I got the brooch to this point.
 The back of my brooch had a few rough spots.  I used a vintage 60's brass component and it had a rough edge.
 So I gathered virtually the same supplies.
Jewelry Clay, gold Pearl-Ex and a jewelry component known as a bail.
 I smoothed the rough edges of the back by adding some Jewelry Clay.  I also pressed my bail into the clay so it would be permanently attached.  The bail will give me the option to either wear this as a brooch (attached to a pin bar) or as a pendant (added to a necklace.)
 I brushed gold powder onto any visible clay and let it cure overnight.
 The next day I brushed away the excess powder and I now have a much nicer/cleaner back side.  The metal won't catch on fabric.
My favorite part of the project was selecting my dangles.  The miniature glass vial charm containing a real rose I showed you how to make two weeks ago.  The stamped clay cameo I showed last week.
Somehow all my colours lined up perfectly.

I now have the long weekend to decide how I want to wear this.  I'll post my results on Monday!

Here is the link to Part One of this series.


  1. The clay doesn't need firing? I love how the Pearl Ex makes everything match.

    Over the top,maybe; but wow what a convesation piece that will be!

    1. Eileen, this is our fabulous air cure clay....the strength given because it is resin makes it perfect for these projects and all 3D work.

  2. "Strange and unique"!! Carmi, this is why I love you so much :-)


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