Building an Art Brooch with Jewelry Clay - Part Two

 This is my finished art brooch!  
I know, I know, it is over the top and over-embellished.  
That is how I like my jewelry!  
One of a kind, strange and unique.
 In yesterday's post I explained how I got the brooch to this point.
 The back of my brooch had a few rough spots.  I used a vintage 60's brass component and it had a rough edge.
 So I gathered virtually the same supplies.
Jewelry Clay, gold Pearl-Ex and a jewelry component known as a bail.
 I smoothed the rough edges of the back by adding some Jewelry Clay.  I also pressed my bail into the clay so it would be permanently attached.  The bail will give me the option to either wear this as a brooch (attached to a pin bar) or as a pendant (added to a necklace.)
 I brushed gold powder onto any visible clay and let it cure overnight.
 The next day I brushed away the excess powder and I now have a much nicer/cleaner back side.  The metal won't catch on fabric.
My favorite part of the project was selecting my dangles.  The miniature glass vial charm containing a real rose I showed you how to make two weeks ago.  The stamped clay cameo I showed last week.
Somehow all my colours lined up perfectly.

I now have the long weekend to decide how I want to wear this.  I'll post my results on Monday!

Here is the link to Part One of this series.

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