A Small Sanding Tip

 This is a very small cabochon setting bezel that is showcasing a tiny Jewelry Clay embellishment.
 There have been quite a few new people finding this blog.  Welcome!  There are over 100 Jewelry Clay projects already posted here for you to review and learn techniques from. 
 I wanted to share a super tip with my regular readers today.
You know how occasionally you make a little bit more clay than you needed?
I never throw it away.  I always have something that needs to be repaired or attached and occasionally I have a rubber stamp I want to test.
This little oval of clay I rubber stamped into.
Then I added three crystals.
Finally I brushed pink Pear-Ex over the surface of the clay to colour it.
My simple clay oval almost fit into the cabochon perfectly. 
 It was a millimetre or two too big, so guess how I sanded it?  
With this dollar store nail filer!  It is battery powered and works like a charm!
This tiny project is going to be a part of a much bigger project I am sharing with you next week!

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