Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pearls in Nunn Design Brooch

 This "pearls in resin" project was completely inspired by a designer/author I admire.  I have featured and linked to Lisa Pace several times and thought that you might enjoy seeing something inspired by her latest book.
 My supply list was minimal.
1. Envirotex Jewelry Resin.
2.  Nunn Design Ornate Grande Brooch Oval Antique Gold.
3.  A collection of broken and single pearl earrings and necklaces.
4.  The new book by Lisa Pace.
 In Lisa's book I saw this gorgeous charm project.  She simply filled a bezel with pearls and poured in resin.  In ten years of resin work I have never done that.  I thought it looked wonderful!
 I did put some glue into my bezel so that I could arrange my pearls and know that they would stay in place.  
 The back of the Nunn Design brooch already has both a pin back and a link to make it a pendant.  This is why I worked on a stack of cardboard.
When all my pearls were in place and the glue had dried I poured in Jewelry Resin.  Everything looks like it is floating in water now!

Click the picture for a link to Lisa's book.

I'll also have a give-a-way at the end of the week so you can win the whole new collection!


  1. That is lovely. I have done that with bezel rings for a really cool cocktail ring effect. I especially like to reserve the not so useable pearls from a strand of freshwater pearls and then group by color for a marvelous effect! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Gorgeous, just like everything you do. Going to try resin as soon as it warms up a bit. Thanks again for sharing

  3. If i say this is my favorite piece, next week there will be I love the pearls floating in water and even better the pearls are vintage

  4. Stunning! I love the added pearl dangles - something to twiddle around in my fingers appeals to the fidget in me.

    Like you, I've never tried pearls in resin. Everything else, but never pearlsI LoL.
    I must try this! It's stunning


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