Original Ephemera in High End Bezels

This new bezel is from the Instant Glam by Fernando collection from Metal Complex.
When I work in a special bezel I feel compelled to use something unique and special.
This vintage Notre Dame postcard was a risky selection.  The reason I say risky is because I planned to use my original (not a photocopy) AND the image was printed on a velum like paper.
I cut a template out of wax paper to act as my guide for cutting my image.

Then I sealed my image with Ultra-Seal.

I write a lot of how-to posts reminding you to seal your paper or fabric before you pour resin over it.
As you can see from the picture above, I used a paint brush to paint my sealer over my image.
I seal my image and then let the sealer/decoupage medium thoroughly dry before I add a second and third coat.  
Three coats is my recommendation for insuring that you image will not stain under a resin pour.
All of these sealers and decoupage mediums are in my studio.  Essentially they are a glue and a sealer.  I can recommend you use any of these products is you can't get your hands on ETI's professional; product: Ultra Seal.
I added some rhinestone chain to create this pretty edged effect.
My last step was to pour in Jewelry Resin.

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