Nunn Design Jewelry Resin Brooch

 I feel like this brooch should be called "Hello there."  
My Gal is definitely waving you over.
 These are some of the new brooches I received from the latest Nunn Design collection.  They already have pin backs, so in order to work on a flat surface I built these walls of cardboard.
Now my pin back is set to work in and I won't have an awkward resin pour.
 I am also using actual postage stamps for my background image.
 Some of the lettering from the stamp was still visible after I cut my oval shape.  Dried leaves were easy to add to cover this.
You'll notice that I sealed my paper and my dried leaves with a decoupage medium.   Sealing very thin paper like postage stamps will ensure that I do not get a resin stain.  
(Sealing paper covered in all these blog posts linked here.)
I also added my plastic miniature lady at this point.
After the paper and dried leaves were thoroughly dry I poured in my resin.
All my other Nunn Design projects are linked here.

I'll also have a give-a-way at the end of the week so you can win the whole new collection!

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