Jewelry Clay Ornament from a Vase

 My title may have been a bit confusing.
You might be wondering what a vase has to do with this ornament.
 This is the vase!  I found it antiquing last weekend and just loved this baby cameo feature.
 So, guess what I did?
I made a batch of EasyMold silicone putty and made a mold of the baby!
 The mold turned out brilliantly!
 I then made a batch of Jewelry Clay which I pushed into my mold.  I say "pushed" because I wanted to make sure I got clay into every tiny area and I managed to miss a spot on the baby's cheek.  Next time I will do this a little slower and by section.
 When the clay was set I brushed some powder across the back so it would be finished.  At this point I was not sure if the back would even be seen.
My new baby could easily become a home dec item.  These look like the type of items found in castles in doors and as other embellishment.  For today I made the ornament because I wanted to create something sweet for National Craft month.

Tip:  I have a great video explaining how easy it is to make a mold on the sidebar.

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