Monday, March 3, 2014

Goldfish Bowl Pendant with Jewelry Clay

 My sweet goldfish bowl pendant should give you a few ideas today.
 Ever since we launched Jewelry Clay last year I have been reviewing my rubber stamp stash.  I have been using stamps that are almost a decade old and loving how they work with clay!  As you can see here, I made a small circle of clay and brushed silver powder across the surface.
 Then I simply stamped my fish bowl directly into the clay.
 I added a few crystals to make my fish look like he was breathing underwater.
 Making a hole in the pendant before the clay cures makes it instantly wearable.
In the end I attached a small bail and some ribbon.  I also added some extra colour with metallic wax and some glitter glue.  One coating of Resin Spray sealed everything.


  1. This is sooo cute. I love how you colored the fish and water separately to make it more realistic. Do you do anything to the back to color it?

  2. Hi Nicole, the back I coloured with metallic paste too.....I do like it to look finished and then I do a final spray sealer with Resin Spray.

  3. thanks! I like the metallic paste, but it is really hard to find! i might have to go on an internet odyssey....

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