Monday, March 10, 2014

Doggie Eraser Into Pendant

 I bet you think these dogs are little charms or polymer clay creations.
 They are in fact pieces of a very long eraser!  Westcott manufacturers the most fun erasers I have ever seen.  The brand name is Westcott Twist Eraser.  Westcott has always provided me with all the scissors I need for resin demos or classes.  When I saw their erasers I knew I could embed them in resin!
 I simply sliced my eraser!  I placed them in my bezel and poured Envirotex Jewelry Resin over them.
Little projects like these result in the most unique finished jewelry!  The best part is that I still have about 10 inches of eraser left!


  1. Omgosh! What a great idea! I would never have guessed how you made this, if you didn't tell! Fabulous! I read your blogs all the time, love your inspirations...this piece made me finally jump in to comment and stay 'whoo hoo!'. Thank you!

  2. Westcott should be happy about the puppy dogs , they should give the erasers a new name.


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