Clay Covered and Rubber Stamped Journal

 This clay, crystal, powder and rubber stamped journal cover may be my best idea so far for using our Jewelry Clay.
 Here is a closer look at the surface.
 The supplies for this project seemed to fill my work area.  I began with our ETI Jewelry Clay, gloves, a journal, a great rubber stamp and some StazOn Ink.
 I made a few scratches into my journal cover to make it easier for my Jewelry Clay to grip to the surface.
 I made a batch of clay and pressed it onto the journal surface.  A little bit of baby powder made it possible to then roll the clay flat with a plastic roll right on the journal surface.
 I rubber stamped my image into the clay.
 I added crystals and metal parts next.
Then I just had fun "painting" the surface of the clay with Pearl-Ex Powders.
 Hard to believe this will look great in a few hours when I brush away all the excess powder!
The journal turned out amazing!!

If this post inspires you, 
send me a picture 
of a journal you create.

I always seal my powders and surface colours with Resin Spray.

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