Broken Mirror in Resin!

This is not the posted I planned for today!  
Happily it is an experiment that worked out perfectly!
Over the weekend I posted this picture of a broken mirror floor I have seen on Pinterest.  Apparently this floor is covered in resin and boy did it get your attention!  I still can't decide if I love or not.
Then I saw these shoes during the Paris runway shows.  Broken mirror seems to be a theme!
 So I just had to do a test.  Normally when you cover glass with resin it just goes clear.  Mirror is backed and I thought it might still look great.  So I gathered these mirror disks and purposely broke a few.
 I placed all the broken mirror in a bezel.  
 I poured in Jewelry Resin!
Ta Da!!  It does look amazing!! 
Now, just imagine this on a table top, box cover or in a tray!
Here's hoping I do not get any bad luck now.

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