Spiderman Resin

Okay, I am bringing back the Spiderman pendant.  
I needed to do more with it since it is the only one I am ever going to make.
 Back in October I showed you my mold making disaster.  This ice cube tray was not a good choice for a resin project.  In order to get my resin out of it I had to cut it all up.
 I had applied some gold paste to the top and added some glitter to the eyes (upside down pic).  This was all sealed with a coating of Resin Spray.
I decided to pour some extra resin into the eye sockets.
It did not seem like enough though.  
Recently I found this flat bezel in Hobby Lobby.
By gluing it to my Spiderman molded pendant I created a professionally edged finish and now have an opportunity to add my dangles.

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