Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group Eleven

Artist:  Roberta Birnbaum
There is a postage stamp at the bottom of this bezel that has been embellished with crystals.  It created the diamond shape which now showcases quilled black shapes.    Roberta's hand embellishment looks as though it is placing the quilled pieces into the resin.  The pocket watch edges were beautifully embellished with a patina that ages this pocket watch beautifully.
Artist:  Cyndi Beck
My photograph does not even begin to do justice to this multi layered submission.  All those tiny flowers are embedded in Jewelry Clay dusted with green Pearl-Ex.  You can tell this piece is substantial from the moment you pick it up.  The clay and the resin dome give it extra weight.  The attached rhinestone edging created a new frame for the pocket watch, so the resin dome layer is super high.  The bee is partially suspended in resin.  This would be a wonderful flower bed for it to visit.
Artist:  Debbie Mahoney
The train is on time!  Well, that's what I think when I look into Debbie's pocket watch.  Glittered smoke gives you a sense of movement and there is a tiny pocket watch, within the pocket watch giving you a vision of time keeping.  
Artist:  Sandi Ramos
The themes of time and music is very apparent in this submission.  The music sheet background is the perfect colour to show off these tiny watch parts.  Sandi has suspended her inclusions so that they are free floating.  Several are just kissing the surface of the resin and you can feel them when you pass a finger over the top layer.
Artist:  Deb Fortin
Deb titled her submission "Trapped in Time."  She has showcased a gorgeous piece of amber partially embedded in resin.  Her background is a piece of paper hand stamped with a pine bough and you can see some added green and brown shading.  Her watch parts are suspended in the resin but the watch hand and one gear are sitting on the surface.  She has also embedded part of her coil wire which is holding another gemstone; a honey white amber dangle.
Artist:  Belinda Spivack
There is a small piece of gorgeous paper embedded into the bottom of this pocket watch submission.  It is almost covered by the many tiny inclusions; beads, sequins, charms, metal parts and nails.  Together they create a brand new jewel.  
Artist:  Sarah Slye
Sarah's seabed is layered resin submission.  The bottom has the white sand creating the vision of an ocean dive view.  The tiny green sequin/flakes are free falling and the shells are at different heights within the bezel.  The paper seahorses are on a layer all to themselves.  There is a perfect dome layer encasing it all.

Artist:  Candace Mahoney
This submission attracted me from the moment I pulled it out of the envelope.  The gorgeous red background is unique and rich.  It was created with two layers that I could see: a paper background which is covered in red paper flowers.  The tiny inclusions are artfully arranged.
Artist:  Deanne Crim
"Faerie Mushroom Garden" is an absolute delight.  There is a magical background glued to the base of the bezel.  Sweet, tiny mushrooms have been placed on clay hills which are embedded with glass beads.  There is glitter throughout the resin making everything sparkle.  There is even a tiny wire tree.  This bezel took over two months to arrive by mail.  I am so glad it did!

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