Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group Ten

Artist:  Sandy Randolph
I took several photos of Sandy's "Time Traveller" in order to capture it in just the right light allowing you to see what I see...a child's head and hands emerging from the watch face.  Wow!  The leaves are sitting on the surface of the resin and have been strengthened with a glaze coat of resin.  The iridescent background has been created by mixing some wonderful flakes into the resin.  With her submission Sandy wrote that this was her first resin project.  "It's late arrival is due to my hesitation at taking the first step and my reluctance to declare it finished.  Once I started, I couldn't stop!" 
Artist:  Nicole Brocchini
Nicole's wonderful submission takes advantage of the pocket watch edges and the bezel itself.  She used Jewelry Clay (coloured purple) to adhere her watch parts to the edges.  Notice that those pieces gave her the opportunity to dangle chain as well. Encased in resin are dried flowers and more tiny watch parts.  Everything is highlighted by the painted teal background.  
Artist:  Mary Barlog
I am so surprised that this is Mary's first resin project!  Her mermaid background is beautifully accented by beads and pearls.  Everything is arranged to circle the mermaid and the tiny crystal appears to be what the mermaid is holding.  Her resin dome is just perfect!
Artist:  Mara Daniel
Mara's pocket watch is a salute to timekeeping and the watch parts that make keeping track of time possible.  She has watch parts on the bottom of the bezel completely encased in resin and several are sitting on the surface.  You can feel those final inclusions when you pass a hand across the surface.
Artist:  Marie McCurry
Marie's pocket watch glows!  The colour choice makes it pop against the white background.  What you need to focus on however is the ivory circular shape encased in resin.  This is a beautiful piece of real "tatting" which is a needlework art form making a comeback at the moment.  Marie called her submission "Lost In Time" since tatting almost became a forgotten art form.  I am so happy that Marie gave our new Jewelry resin a test for this submission.  She used to use our polyester resin and is so happy to discover our new resin has no odour!
Artist:  Emily Daniels
Emily's theme is easy to see once you realize that there are bandages, needles and a happy nurse in her bezel.  They are suspended at different heights in the resin so that when I hold the pocket watch it looks like a 3D picture.  I thought this theme was perfect because keeping time is definitely a serious business for the medical profession.
Artist:  Barbara Zaslow
Barbara sent me a letter that described her piece perfectly.  "I knew when I got the vintage looking watch bezel that I wanted to do a play on 'too little time' since that seems to be the theme of many of our lives.  I found the scrapbook brads with tiny clock faces on them and though they'd be perfect to represent the multiple times and commitments we negotiate.  I added some vintage watch pieces that I had leftover from another project."
Artist:  June Beach
June covered her whole pocket watch with clay coloured a beautiful pale teal.  Crystals are embedded throughout and her moon and star are embedded on the surface of her filled bezel.  You could not hold this pocket watch without reaching out to touch one of the crystals.  Filling the whole bezel with clay gave this pocket watch some extra weight.  It is a substantial piece now and yet it would be perfect as a pendant to wear.

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