Puppy Pendant Pocket Watches!

 If you are a dog lover I am sure you will like this new project. 
Keep in mind that you could do this with any animal you love!
 My silver corgi is a salute to the Queen!
 Where do you start?  
To begin, you need to find some previously loved children's toys.  I actually bought my plastic dogs at my local antique market.  They are not vintage, but they were previously played with.  I thought I would need to use a saw to slice them in half, but it turns out that a super strong pair of scissors will cut right through them neatly.
 The St Bernard dog had colouring I liked.  The other two dogs I decided to repaint.  I have a Golden Retriever named Magnus who is a cream colour.  So I painted this one to look like him.
After my dogs were sliced and repainted, I made my batch of Jewelry Clay.
I often say that this clay is ideal for three dimensional work.  I could not think of a better way to attach these dog bodies to a bezel.

 You can see here how I ensured that there was enough clay in each bezel to firmly adhere the dogs.
 I used powders to colour the clay.
 For the Corgi and Golden Retriever pendant I took an extra step....
I embedded my flowers and rhinestone chain first and then applied a powder colour.  You want to embed your objects into clay that is not coloured so that it is still sticky.  
My Golden Retriever pendant is as happy as my own pup Magnus!

The St. Bernard required no embellishment!

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