Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pendant Necklaces for Westcott

 Westcott (The World's Favorite Scissors) has always been extremely generous to me.  Whenever I teach a class or host an event they have provided me with more scissors and cutting supplies than you can imagine.  So I was happy for the opportunity to do something to thank them.  

I was asked to create a bezel (featuring their pin) which they could wear in their booth at the Craft and Hobby show in January.
 Since blue is recognized as their company colour, I picked some beautiful blue Japanese paper to line the bezels with.
 Then I added two items.  
The silver borders are peel-offs.  These already have adhesive on the back so they are easy to cut and place onto paper.  
The second item I point to is a small circle of Jewelry Clay.  In this project I use clay as my way of creating a 3D embellishment.  I pressed the metal pin back into the clay.  Now my pin is securely raised to the top of the bezel.
I poured Jewelry Resin into the bezel and added one silver hand charm. They made it to the show and I was happy to see them being worn!


  1. What an awesome project! And it will be a great conversation starter at their booth for sure! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. i love the shape of the unit and great cheer for westcott


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