The Resin Time Display and My Final Watch Bezel Project

This is the final piece I made to showcase my "Resin Time is Anytime" special project for Environmental Technology Inc. (ETI) booth at the Craft and Hobby show this past weekend.
 When I got to California my first job was to unpack all the submissions.
They looked amazing hung as a group as my backdrop.  The table and chairs you see is where I did all my "ETI Make and Take" projects for the next three days.  Since I was going to be in the booth I though I better wear some pretty spectacular resin jewelry too!
 The week before I left, I was being dazzled by all the artist submissions to the project.
I decided to make one extra showstopper.  
Here you see me running my watch bezel paper imagery through a Xyron X box.  This makes the paper a sticker making it easy to then adhere it to the bottom on the bezel.
 As usual, I sealed my paper with three separate applications of a decoupage medium.
 I added some rhinestones and filled my bezels with Envirotex Jewelry Resin.
 I was running very close to the deadline.  
My pieces had exactly 48 hours to cure.  Wednesday night (my flight was Thursday morning) I built my necklace.
 It was such a success.  It seemed to build itself!
So this is what I wore for the unveiling of the Resin Time is Anytime Project.
Next week I begin showing you each watch bezel that was submitted to this special project!

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