Resin Time is Anytime - Artist Submissions Group Three

Artist:  Joelle Platz
To anyone who enjoys Science Fiction television this blue box is easily recognizable.  This salute to Dr. Who is brilliant.  Joelle suspended her time machine into a bed of clay coloured to look like a distant planet.  The words read:  wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.
Artist Kristi Parker Van Doren
Kristi's pocket watch is filled with charms and watch parts.  However, it is her gorgeous painted background that catches the eye.  Glittered and delicate.  Her inclusions look like they are suspended in time and space.
Artist:  Tina Hois
The addition of ribbons to Tina's pocket watch resulted in a finished piece I needed to photograph in its entirety.  The pocket watch itself was painted and has the appearance of a very old patina.  Her inclusions included a garden of objects; a paper flower, sequins and glass flower parts.  Her butterfly attachments are paper sealed with resin cut from a book.  There are so many tiny features that I fear a much better camera than my own is needed to let you see everything.
Artist Helen Tran
Helen went to a lot of effort to track down our new Jewelry Clay.  She used it in such an elegant manner that it will change my own art projects in the weeks to come.  Her charms and crystals are embedded into the clay, but the addition of the swirly line made this piece look amazing!  Her colouring is sublime.
Artist:  Renee Milner
This firefly is partially embedded in resin and you can imagine that it is just about to land on a gorgeous flower.  The background paper of flowers make this pocket watch glow.  Renee wrote that this was her first resin project ever.  "I've been reading your blog and remembered your tips and ideas and I had no problems."  Isn't that wonderful!  Welcome to the world of resin Renee!  
Artist: Kamryn Nordsiek
Here is yet another submission that I had to photography with the attached silk ribbon.  This finished necklace is so lovely.  Kamryn's pocket watch can be seen in two ways.  It is either a blue sky day where the grass is green and you can just feel a little wind or it could very well be an ocean seabed.  Her blue background is so unique and it reflects light in such a way that you see movement.  Either way, it is just an elegant and gorgeous submission.
Artist:  Pat Susen
I can tell you that more than one viewer was stopped in their tracks by Pat's Christmas themed submission.  She completely changed the appearance of the pocket watch with rhinestone chain and metallic cutouts.  The Santa image is embedded in resin and there is a light sprinkling of glitter making it appear more festive.  This submission taught me to look at my bezels more closely in the future to see if I can bring my design ideas to the very edge of my pieces.
Artist:  Lori Bowring Michaud
I am a very big fan of bees and bee imagery.  Lori's pocket watch arrived in the mail and I thought it was the most delicate thing I have ever seen using resin.  I have no idea what was used for the background.  The white looks like gem stone.  Since this image was hand painted, I can only surmise that she painted the backdrop too.  You would not believe how high her resin dome is.  It complete encapsulated the glittered frame and this too appears suspended in space.  

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