Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jewelry Clay and Metal Stampings

 This metal stamping is getting filled with Jewelry Clay.
I have always liked these metal embellishments but find them difficult to incorporate into projects.  The backs are open and a little scratchy, and I usually need to drill a hole through the metal to turn them into something I can dangle.

 It occurred to me that Jewelry Clay could be a big help here!
 Now I fill the back of these metal objects with Jewelry Clay and brush a metallic powder across the surface.
It is much easier to then glue on a bail or insert a wire.


  1. i love your newest creation! i enjoy your step by step instructions and tutorials! i just wish i could participate in your resin time challenge~thanks for all you do!

  2. And it creates an great, pliable surface to stamp a logo or write a signature in too! Perfect for those who find metal stamping hard or when it doesn't really work (e.g. if the stamping would show through or flatten a dimensional metal surface).

    Ages ago, Vintaj had a blog post about filling the back of pendants (stampings) with poly clay, then rubber-stamping and colouring them. In some cases adding little charms. Very nice -- and a technique/idea that seems perfect for jewelry clay too. *googles* Ah, here's a link: How-to here:


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