Napoleon and A Mold Fix

 This is a new pendant I made in my own mold.
 The coronation of Napoleon as Emperor of the French took place today in 1804.  So my post is timed!

A few months ago I showed you how I made this mold of a Napoleon bottle cap opener with EasyMold.
 Since the bottle opener extended over my mold....I had an area that was open and resin often ran off the edge when I filled my mold.
 So I made a Napoleonic repair.  I have no idea why I didn't think of this sooner.  I simply made another small batch of EasyMold and attached it to the edge to create this new ridge.  Now resin does not flow off the edge!
I pour any colour resin into my molds.  
 In this case, I poured in a batch of leftover red resin and I didn't have enough.  I have a few open areas which I actually love!
 I glued this metal ring to the back of my molded piece to both stabilize it and to finish it processionally.
 I used metallic wax to colour my piece.  
Napoleon looked great darker.
Resin spray seals the metallic wax beautifully so I don't get any colour transfer to clothing.
Now I just need to build my necklace!

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