Glittered Jewelry Resin Bottle Cap Pendant - Hobby Lobby Project

I am happy to share a bottle cap project that is perfect for those of you who make gifts for friends during the holidays.

Items From Hobby Lobby 
Envirotex Jewelry Resin 
Glitter Bottle Caps Hot Pink #586289 
1 Inch Circle Lever Punch 
Small Gold Plated Heart Bails #476739 
Peel Off Stickers–Gold Leaves #325209 
Lost and Found 6 x 6 BLUSH Designer Cardstock Paper 
Czech Glass Beads Lejardin Mix 
Ball Chain 2.4 mm  585984 
Decoupage Medium (Aleenes or Mod Podge) 
Glitter Glue 
Begin your bottle cap project by selecting some paper imagery you like.  In the paper pad I used, I had quite a few options and choose to use some patterned papers.  The punch is ideal for this project because it punches out the exact size to fit your one-­inch circle bezel.
Paper needs to be sealed before you pour resin over it.  I like to use a decoupage medium and I apply three different sealing coats allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. 
When my paper is sealed I also like to add a little glitter to the edges.  Glitter looks wonderful under resin. In this case I am adding it to the edges, but you could add it anywhere you like. 
I also added some peel off stickers.  
My final step was to make a small batch of Jewelry Resin 
following the manufacturer’s instructions and simply poured it into each bottle cap.  You can watch a video showing you how to make and pour Jewelry Resin on ETI's website or read 
hundreds of “how-­to” posts on this blog. 
You can make a bottle cap a pendant quickly by simply gluing a bail to the back.  These heart shaped bails make the back of my pendant as pretty as the front.  
Once my bails were in place I chose two different necklace options.  One pendant I strung with a ball chain and for the second I used Czech Glass Beads Lejardin Mix to make a colourful strand.

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