Finger Print Gifts With Jewelry Clay

 I hope you like these new finger print gift ideas!  I had my niece over a few days ago and we worked on some special gifts for her parents.
 I filled my bezels with Jewelry Clay and brushed some Pearl White Pearl Ex across the surface of resin....this is why the clay in my heart looks glittery.
 Then my niece got to work.  She practiced inking her finger and stamping it on paper first.  Too much ink and you could not see the finger print.  Too little and it looked like a smudge.
 She knew what to do and I handed her each piece.
 Can you believe how perfect this finger print is?
Our last step was to stamp her initials into the projects.
  This project highlights how fine our Jewelry Clay is.  Since it air dries you might worry that your lines or markings might you can see from our finger print it does cure and maintain details beautifully!

This project broke two very important rules:
1.  Children should not work with any apoxie clays.  My niece did not handle the clay, I did the mixing and filled the bezels.
2.  You should not handle the clay without gloves.  
We needed the finger print though!  We were fast and I was ready to wipe away the excess.

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