EasyCast Trees With Luminarte

 My experiment turned out so well I am going to show you my first round of results.
 I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I purchased this new chocolate mold and was dying to see if I could use it for resin projects.  Not all food molds work, so my first step was to place a drop of resin on the backside.  The drop cured and peeled away easily, so I was good to move to step two.
 I pulled out a nice collection of Luminarte Primary Elements Artist Pigments and made a batch of EasyCast.
Last month I released our new video telling you how to mix and work with EasyCast!  It is only eight minutes and you should find it very helpful.
 I always test new molds before I work on a project where I need perfect results!  Since this was my experiment I didn't want to waste my powders and added just a small dash to my EasyCast.
 My mixed colours were so pretty!
When you pour resin into a mold, the top becomes the back of your piece.  This means you don't have to worry too much about bubbles.  However, if you babysit your pour for the 20 minutes you will see a gathering of bubbles usually like this which you can quickly pop.  Now that I know the mold works, my next round of trees will be more opaque as I plan to add extra powders to get rich and lush colour!

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