A Christmas Story - Resin Lamp!

My new Christmas Story necklace should turn a few heads this holiday season.  
I do hope it makes people smile.
 If you have never seen the movie "A Christmas Story" you would not know about the scene when the father wins a terribly funny leg lamp and proudly displays it in their front window for all the neighbours to see....
This post begins with an admission.
I made a HUGE resin-related mistake.  Happily, I managed to finish this project though.
The ice cube tray I used, I had to destroy in order to get my one special leg lamp out of it.
I did not pre-test the mold.
If I had, I would have realized resin would stick to it like glue.
My mold had to be cut up in order to free my leg lamp,
 The sad part was the molded leg was just perfect!  You can see all the detail.  I poured EasyCast mixed with opaque blue pigment into the mold where it cured perfectly.....
I just could not get it out of the mold, so I cut away at the ice cube tray and tugged and stretched until the lamp was free.  Sigh.  I won't do that again.  
And really, who needs more than one leg lamp necklace?
 I coloured my lamp with gold metallic wax and sealed it with Resin Spray.
 I hand-drilled a hole for stringing.
My finished necklace!

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