Dove of The East and Jewelry Clay

These new Envirotex Jewelry Clay filled pendants are for a special project.
 I am creating a set of art cards for Dove of The East.  
They have a collection of the most beautiful clear stamps that I want to feature on the cards in a non-traditional way.
 I pre-selected some of the stamps that are about the size of the bezels I am using and made a batch of Jewelry Clay.
 After filling my bezels with clay I usually take the time to wipe the sides and backs with an Alcohol Swab.  This way, my powder application will not cling to a fingerprint I may have left with my gloves.
 I coloured my clay with Pearl-Ex powders.  Since I want to highlight the clear stamp image, I made sure to select lighter colours.
 Simple and well defined images 
stamp the best into clay.  
 There are however, complex finely etched designs I want to show off too.  I was worried this might not work, but as you can see, my complex hand looks great.  Don't forget to practice stamping your image on paper before pressing it into the clay.
My last step was to press in some Preciosa crystals.  I'll try to post the finished cards next week!

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