The Vintage Baking Pan and EasyCast

One of the projects that did not make it into 
my new EasyCast video was this one. 
The video was over 22 minutes originally and it was very hard to cut it down to just 8 minutes.
I realized that everything could still be shown on the blog so this is a teeny tiny video how-to!
This short two minute video shows you how I re-make my vintage baking pans using imagery, embellishments and EasyCast resin.  My finished pans are hung as art and I think you can imagine how fabulous they look in a kitchen setting.

Psst!  In the past, I have shown these pan projects and one or two of you think I am somehow going to pop these resin cupcakes out of the mold....I won't be.  This is a permanent pour.

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