The Horse Mold

I have a new mold that allows me to make as many of these fabulous winged horses as I want to!
 The products I used are EasyCast Epoxy and EasyMold Silicone rubber.
 I have several posts already explaining how to use EasyMold Silicone Rubber for mold making.
 This horse was not an easy object to create a mold from.  
I had to cut off the brooch pin and really set it flat in my mold container.
 I used our black pigment to colour my EasyCast resin pour.
 Out of the mold, my horse needed a little trim.  I also sanded a few areas.
Then I made a happy mistake.  I wanted to strengthen the tail with an extra glaze layer of resin. I didn't realize I had dropped some resin on my workspace, which cured under my horse and changed my horse winged area.
This resin dollop makes my horse different from the original so I am quite happy to leave it.  A little silver metallic wax highlighted all the detail perfectly.

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