Monday, November 25, 2013

Teaching Resin Crafts

The "Penny For Your Thoughts" pendant.
 This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending and teaching at the first meeting of the CHA Canada Designer, Educator and Creative Professional Retreat.  When you teach "teachers" you really need to prep well.  I knew they would be a quick study and I only had under two hours to explain to them how to work with Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay.
Each table was prepped before all my students entered the classroom.
A few hours later, there were sequins, beads and papers everywhere.
 The group had an ice breaker that featured a penny. I designed a Jewelry Clay project for them so that they would have a permanent memento of their weekend.  All they had to do was mix a small batch of clay and pat it into the heart bezel.
 They pressed in their penny and then the fun began.
 These new pendants are both a good reminder of the event and a wonderful salute to the end of the penny in Canada.  Our pennies are now out of circulation.
Here are a few of the Jewelry Resin pieces that were created in the class.


  1. Your class was so much fun and you are an amazing and inspiring teacher!

  2. This is a wonderful project. And your pennies are beautiful!

  3. I was intending to give the two samples I made as gifts this Christmas, but I couldn't wait, so I spread the love already! You must be a great teacher, as they turned out well enough to get a gasp and "Nice, mom!" from my 15 year old!

  4. Carm, lovely post today from an exciting time had by all. Thanks for your leadership and diplomacy, truly appreciate the example set and the bar being raised for all of us to achieve.

  5. I sooo... loved your class and your relaxed teaching style. I will treasure my penny pendant and look forward to explore this medium in more depth. Thank you for sharing so openly.

  6. I love the last part Jewelry Resin pieces. I am going to make some for myself.


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