Painted Gilded Papers in Jewelry Resin

On the weekend I posted on our Facebook page that I thought I had made my best ever bezels to date. Here they are!  They are really unique and it is highly unlikely that I will be able to make another set like them.
 I was flipping through one of my sketch books and came across this page.  Several years ago I was in a class and we were testing various paints and pigments.
Looking at the page I realized there were some really gorgeous "sweet spots" throughout the paint sample.   It was Lynne Perrella who taught me how to look for and work with "sweet spots."
 Here are my paint samples simply cut out and placed in my bezels.
 I did my Jewelry Resin pour in two layers.  I wanted to be absolutely sure this would be perfect so for the first pour I just added enough resin to cover all the papers and then a second doming pour completed my project.
This is the necklace I am building with my pieces.
Do you like it?
On Facebook today I am asking for a little input.  I am hoping for some advice as to which pendant to add.  Once I do that I will fill in the rest of the open areas.

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