Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our New Video About EastCast

I am so pleased to announce that our new video featuring EasyCast is now available for you to view on our ETI video YouTube channel!
It will show you how to properly mix and use EasyCast and there are nine projects to inspire you.  



  1. I loved ALL!!!

    Fantastic and creative solutions to design original pieces...I love the versatility and how you add different textures to each of them...I also have to say that the use of beads is totally HOOOOT!

  2. Love the video!! I must say .... i'm addicted to this stuff!! Maybe you could share your polishing techniques sometime. I know that i would find it most helpful!!

  3. Love the video! So many ideas, I love glitter in resin and can't wait to make my next piece!

  4. I just started doing resin crafts and your site has been so helpful, thanks! I'm wondering, is it best to wait 24 hrs to do more than one layer?

    1. Hi Karen, I find myself waiting less and less...usually only about 5 hours now!


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