Making Gifts with Jewelry Resin and Hobby Lobby

Now is the time many of you are starting to think about making hand made items for gift giving.
These two special gifts were made with items I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Items From Hobby Lobby
Round Letter Opener Item#476622
Compact Purse Hanger Item # 310896
The Colorful Life Stack - Printed Cardstock
Envirotex Jewelry Resin
1-Inch Circle Lever Punch
Decoupage Medium (Aleenes or Mod Podge)

The card stock stack I purchased gave me numerous options for images to place in the open bezels of both the purse hanger and letter opener.

I selected the “sweet spot” on each piece of paper and punched out a one-inch circle with my circle lever punch.

 The punched paper circles fit beautifully.

 Before you pour resin over paper it is important to seal the paper properly.  I used a decoupage medium to both glue my paper into the bezel and to seal the paper as well.  I cover all the paper and especially the edges with three separate coats of glue, letting each application dry between coats.

 Then I carefully mixed a small batch of Jewelry Resin following the manufacturers instructions.  I poured my mixed resin into each bezel opening.  You can watch a video showing you how to make and pour Jewelry Resin at or see hundreds of “how-to” posts on this blog.

My cured pieces turned out perfect! 

With so much paper left over it was easy to make matching cards to showcase my resin gifts.  I know these will make the gift recipient very happy. 

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