Monday, November 18, 2013

Layering Resin Colours

This resin rose is a great way for me to show you how I layer in colour using Jewelry Resin or Envirotex Lite.  I use either of these two resins because this rose mold is very shallow and these resin were made for shallow pours.
 The first step was to make a small batch of Jewelry Resin coloured orange.  Notice that I poured it into the mold in such a way that there were still open areas.  I let it cure overnight.
 The next day I made another small batch of Jewelry Resin which I coloured yellow with Pearl-Ex.
 I then filled my rose mold to the brim.  I let this cure overnight.
 I loved my rose yellow and orange, but I did notice two air pockets which bothered me.  I could have sanded them away...but realized this was an opportunity for a third colour application.
 I made a tiny batch of repair resin which I coloured dark pink.
 Then I simply painted the pink resin into a few key locations, ultimately filling those air pockets.
 My finished rose is just wonderful!
It is one of a kind!

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  1. wow . I didn't know you can colour resin with pearl ex pigments. this opens up so many more possibilities. I have to try this.
    I love the finished piece and no-one will ever be the wiser about the air bubble flaws. :-)


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