How to Recover From a Jewelry Clay Mistake

These bezels are fun and easy to make.  
What is important about them is that they are mistake pieces that I have saved.
 A few weeks ago I set up my table to work on eight Jewelry Clay filled bezels.  I was rubber stamping into them (the clay filled bezels) and a few of my stamped impression did not turn out as planned.
Stamping mistakes in clay are relatively easy to fix.  I can remove the clay and start over.  The ink is hard to remix into the clay, so I usually start fresh.  Or I do what I will show you in these next pictures.
 I have containers of loose beads just waiting for this to happen.  I just press the clay filled bezels right into them.
 Tiny glass beads fill any missed spots.
 Then I brush Pearl-Ex over the surface.
 You would think this was the plan all along.
My mistakes become some of my best samples!

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