Hot Lips Clay Pendant With Hobby Lobby

Here is another super easy and fast pendant you can make with Jewelry Clay.

Items From Hobby Lobby
Envirotex Jewelry Clay
Pearl Ex
Glitter Lips Buttons 8711754129
Czech Glass Beads Lejardin Mix
Bead Treasures Seed Beads Metallic Pink 11/0
7/8” Circle Flower Bezel 266023
Silver Ball/ Chain 566083
Pick up stick or a toothpick with a wax end
Following the instructions in your package of Envirotex Jewelry Clay make a small batch of clay and gently pat it into your bezel opening.  Note that my clay does not overflow the edges of the bezel.
Gather your embellishments, this is the fun part!  You have about two hours to work with the clay before it really starts to set up.
I choose the hot pink glitter lips button to be my featured embellishment.  The prong on the back of the button allowed me to set this into the clay easily.  Then I selected several different shaped beads in different colours to add to the open areas.  The tiny seed beads are perfect for little spaces.
The wax tip of my pick up stick allows me to place beads wherever I want them.  I made sure that each of my beads was slightly embedded into the clay so that they would set permanently when my clay was cured.  I worked with the big beads first and then finished with the tiny seed beads.
When my beads and embellishments were in place I brushed Pearl-Ex powder (Duo Red/Blue) over the entire surface of my project.  The powder will only cling to the clay, so I didn’t brush away the excess powder until after my clay was soft cured (five hours.)
Your project will be ready to wear in twenty-four hours.  You can be certain that your clay is now cured and that everything is permanently attached.  I then chose a silver chain so that my colours would pop out from the bezel.

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