Hobby Lobby and Jewelry Resin Bottle Cap Projects

Bottle Cap Birdie with Jewelry Resin

Items From Hobby Lobby     
Envirotex Jewelry Resin  
1” Circle Bottle Cap Bezel 4 Pcs #878587L    
1 Inch Circle Lever Punch    
Peel Off  Stickers–Gold Leaves #325209  
Lost and Found 6 x 6 BLUSDesigner Cardstock Paper     
Silver Ball/Chain #566083   
Decoupage Medium (Aleenes or Mod-Podge)    
Glitter Glue  
Chain  or charm bracelet of your choosing.

Begin your bottle cap project by selecting some paper imagery you like. In the paper pad I used I had quite a few options and choose to use the pages featuring birds.  
The punch is ideal for this project because it pops out the exact size to fit your one-inch circle bezel.
Paper needs to be sealed before you pour resin over it.  I like to use a decoupage medium and I apply three different sealing coats allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. 
When my paper is sealed I also like to add a little glitter to the edges.  Glitter looks wonderful under resin.  In this case I am adding it to the edges, but you could add it anywhere you like. 
I also added some peel off stickers.  My final step was to make a small batch of Jewelry Resin following the manufacturer’s instructions and simply poured it into each bottle cap. 

You can watch a video showing you how to make and pour Jewelry Resin at www.eti-­‐usa.com 

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