Jewelry Clay Transfer - How To Showcase Art, Text or Anything Printed!

These clay pendants are so easy to make.  
They are unique and one of a kind.
To make them you need our Jewelry Clay and Print 'n Press transfer papers.  You also need images to print on an ink jet printer.
 The most important thing to remember is to print you images in the REVERSE.  (I always forget and waste a sheet of transfer paper.)  With words, this is very important!  I have used images from Lisa's Altered Art in the past.  Her images and phrases always make me laugh.
All you need to do is make a batch of clay and press it onto you transfer paper like you see here.
 Since the clay will be resting on the transfer paper overnight, I take the time to colour the back of my future pendant with Pearl Ex.
 I also like to rubber stamp some texture into the backs as well.
 I choose to stamp without ink for this project.
 My last step was to add a screw eye into the clay.  This will cure in place and make the pendnat easy to attach.
 My transfers were just fantastic!  I brush away any excess Pearl Ex at this point.
 I usually seal my transfer side with a quick blast of Resin Spray.
I love how wonderful these look!

If you want to learn more about my clay transfer technique I have several projects linked here for you to review.
Also, I have a give-a-way on the Facebook page if you would like to win some Print 'n Press transfer sheets.

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