A Closer Look At The Jewelry Mold

It was so great to release our new video about EasyCast yesterday!  Now I can give you a closer look at some of the projects 
This is the well-known EasyCast Jewelry Mold I worked in. It is sold in so many locations!  It features eleven popular jewelry gem shapes on one convenient tray. This tray of mold shapes is made of durable, smooth, re-usable polypropylene.
 I left the cardboard packaging on my sample in the video so everyone would know which mold I worked in.  
 The EasyCast finished pieces include everything from small shell, dice, tiny glass beads and regular beads for inclusions.  They turned out so pretty!
 The classic oval cabochon shape fits a number of items/bezels I own because it is a standard size.  I simply glued it in place.
 The dice make me smile.  This could be a lucky brooch!
Mini shells look wonderful too!
I hope you get a chance to experiment with EasyCast soon!

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