What To Pour Resin Into

 I have been getting a lot of questions lately about where I find items to pour resin into.
Bezels and jewelry components are easy for me to locate because I work for a major jewelry component wholesaler and I also live in Toronto which has a very good wholesale bead district.  
I also buy on Ebay and Etsy.  I check my Michaels store all the time for new components.  I always look to Nunn Design for their new releases.  I attend the Craft and Hobby shows where I seek out new bezel making vendors. 
I find components and possible resin project items everywhere!
Finally, I really like looking for things to pour resin into in antique stores.  This pan is a perfect example.  I paid $5 for it and it allowed me to create this wonderful Wives of Henry the Eighth piece.  

Deep pours like this one are what EasyCast resin was designed for.  You can fill each pan with just one layer of resin.

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