Spiderman Pendant - More Mold Making Tips

This should be a super simple post in which I impress you with my fun Spiderman pendant idea.
Instead, it is a post about yet another ridiculous mistake I made in my mold making journey this month.

I have a file on my computer that is now titled: Mold Making Disasters.

 Lately it seems I am making them a lot!  
My mistakes are your tips though!
This is a post about the types of molds you should probably avoid.  Whenever I see plastic/silicone baking molds, candy trays or ice cube molds I immediately think how fun it would be to pour resin into them.
AND I HAVE - VERY SUCCESSFULLY....until this week.
 This ice cube spiderman tray would not release my red spidey mold.  Really, I could not get it out.
 I could see that the EasyCast I added red pigment to was cured....but I could not get it away from the ice cube tray.  I had to cut the tray and then push, pull and poke it. Took me over 30 minutes to get it separated.
 It was so difficult...and yet my cured red mold still looked perfect.  
I called my expert at Environmental Technology Inc in a panic.  What am I doing wrong?
Carl reported that "Polypropylene and polyethylene are your two best types of plastic molds to work with."
How do I know if I have either if I just buy a tray in my travels and it isn't labeled?  Some ice cube molds have worked brilliantly for me.    

"If the mold is flexible and feels slippery or waxy, it will probably work."

Okay, that helps.  The spiderman mold feels very rough.
(Oh, and if you are wondering, a mold release would not have helped.)

 And that is when I learned the super simple way to decide if a plastic tray will work with resin.
Put a drop of resin on the back of the tray...
let it cure and see if it peels off.
Could the tip be any simpler?
Could I feel any....... ah fill in the blank. 
If I had done this I would have known not to use this tray and would have saved it for ice cubes after all.
Here is how I finished my pendant.  I painted the eye area white and then filled it with glitter glue.  I used gold metallic paste to highlight the design.
 I sprayed a top coat of Resin Spray to seal everything.

This molded pendant sure did teach me a lot!
Just like Spiderman I had a lab accident that somehow resulted in something good.

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