Resin Time Is Anytime - My Big Fall Project!

 These vintage buttons were set into this watch piece bezel after I filled it with Jewelry Clay.  The clay allowed me to set these buttons dimensionally and they appear to be cascading from the setting.
This is the watch piece I am mailing to anyone (USA and Canada) who wants to participate in my big Fall 2013 resin project!
Did you miss the news about this event?
You have to join in!  
I am still accepting emails!
Here is the link to Resin Time is Anytime!
This sample is a combination of Jewelry Clay and Jewelry Resin.  The flowers and mini cookies are sitting in a bed of clay.  I wanted them to appear as though they were floating in water.  I then poured Jewelry Resin into the open areas.  
Hope this gives you a little inspiration to join my project!

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