Jewelry Clay Transfer in Nunn Design Bezels

 Marie Antoinette in caricature form is highlighted in these unique Nunn Design screw-back bezels.
 This project is a super easy one, if you have the right supplies:
Print 'n Press transfer paper, Nunn Design screw-back bezels and Jewelry Clay.
 I slightly overfilled my bezels with Jewelry Clay.
 Then I simply rested them on my pre-printed transfer paper.  I let the bezels rest/cure on the paper overnight.  
I have several posts about this transfer technique.  This post is a good one to review.

 In the morning the transfer was complete.
 This really is a super, non messy transfer technique.
 The shoes are adorable!
I have not decided where these will do yet.  I can't wait to come up with a design idea!

This is my fourth sample for the Nunn Design showcase and give-a-way on our blog this month.  I'll post the give-a-way in a few days:

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