Jewelry Clay and Nunn Design Channel Silver Bracelet

 Today's post features an idea I have been trying to work on for some time.  
I wanted a stone and jewel encrusted bracelet and my new samples from Nunn Design were ideal to pull off my this concept.
 Just like yesterday's post, the items needed to make this cool looking bracelet are simple.
You need a Nunn Design channel bracelet, Jewelry Clay, some stones and glass beads to embed and some Pearl-Ex.
 This bangle bracelet was my inspiration.  
I have looked everywhere for a link to it but could not find one. I was attracted to the idea of embedding both broken plate shards and glass shapes in a way that was simple.  
 I made a batch of Jewelry Clay and simply pressed it into the channel area of my bracelet.  I wanted it to look a little I did not try and make it perfect in all areas.
 Then I pressed in my selected embellishments.  I was sure to add a little clay around the edges so it would appear as though these pieces were soldered in place.
 I brushed silver Pearl-ex over the surface and just let my bracelet cure over night.
It is exactly what I hoped for!
Everything is secure and I may just add a little black metallic paste to highlight the clay a little more.

First Post In This Nunn Design Series - 

Jewelry Clay and Nunn Design Channel Bracelet
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This is my second sample for the Nunn Design showcase and give-a-way on our blog this month.  I'll post the give-a-way in a few days:

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