Hope and Kisses Jewelry Clay Pendants With Hobby Lobby

 These are my Hope and Kisses Jewelry Clay Pendants.
All the items I needed, I picked up from Hobby Lobby.
Envirotex Jewelry Clay, Pearl Ex, Czech Glass Beads-Grape Ice Mix 942086, ¾ Inch Circle Bezel 408591L, Barrel of Stamps “LOVE” #135707, Staz-On Black Ink 
Following the instructions in your package of Envirotex Jewelry Clay, make a small batch of clay and gently pat it into your bezel opening.  Note that my clay does not overflow the edges of the bezel.
 Brush Pearl-Ex powder over the entire surface of the clay-filled pendants.  The powder will only cling to the clay, which makes it an ideal coloring technique.  Be sure to softly and gently brush away any excess powder before the next step.
Choose a rubber stamp from the “barrel of stamps” collection.  There are many words and images to select from and I chose “Hope” and the “symbols for kisses.”  I made sure both images would fit when stamped into clay.
It is always a good idea to test your stamps before you do something permanent with them.  In this case I wanted to be sure my word would both fit and be evenly spaced in the clay so I practiced stamping HOPE on paper first.  When I was ready to stamp into the clay I inked up my rubber and carefully stamped into the clay.  This is different than stamping into paper because you need to be very gently and you need to remove the rubber from the clay slowly.  The ink acts as a release for you.
As you can see I had great success!  
The Staz-On ink is permanent and my words and kisses are easy to read.  Your project will be ready to wear in twenty-four hours.  I then made my beaded strand necklaces with Czech glass beads. 
I like to buy mixed treasure bags of beads because I never know what I will be creating and these pendants now look beautiful strung with a selection of purple tones and metallic colours, which I found in my Grape Ice Mix bag of glass beads.

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