Betsy McCall Pendants

These Jewelry Resin filled bezel pendants feature one of the most iconic sewing characters: Betsy McCall.
I had noticed that the original paper doll images were appearing in my Pinterest feed.**  

Betsy McCall paper dolls are such a happy memory for anyone lucky enough to have grown up with a Mom who bought McCalls magazine.  The Betsy illustrators did change over the decades.  I have some favorites that I chose to feature in my bezel set.
 Making these pendants was not as easy as planned however.  
Even though I sealed my paper several times with a decoupage medium, I clearly missed some areas.  When you embed white paper in resin, it is the most likely to show a resin stain.  A few of my corners were awful.
 That gave me the opportunity to collage over my mistakes!  
This is the reason I always do two pours when I work in a bezel.  I never fill my bezel to the brim with the first pour.  This way, I have the opportunity to correct and embellish any areas that may not have turned out as planned.  You can see that I added floral stickers over the worst mistakes...and I loved how this looked!
I also added some paint dots and squiggles.  When the paint was dry, I poured a second layer of Jewelry Resin over my corrections to finish the set.
These necklaces are perfect for little girls.

**Just a reminder.  I don't sell my jewelry.  If you plan to make items to sell you really need to confirm copyright usage.

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