Vintage Watch Zipper Bracelet

This sweet little bunny is now the featured image in this old watch face.  Like many people, I rarely wear a watch and use my phone as my time keeper.  I can't resist buying old watch parts though!
 This watch face was covered in rust.  I washed it and glued my sticker bunny image into the bezel.
Then I sealed my sticker several times with decoupage medium.  I also added a little glitter glue to the edges of the sticker once the decoupage glue had dried.
 All I had to do was pour in some Jewelry Resin.
My watch bezel looks so pretty now.
 Making the bracelet was also very simple.  I did use a zipper, ribbon clamps and a magnetic closure to complete the project.
Tip:   In order to make the ribbon clamp sit more securely I did remove a few of the zipper teeth.
This is a great little project that recycles ordinary items that might be thrown away.

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