Shell Pendant Ideas With Jewelry Clay

 This new pendant is a great way to explain why our Jewelry Clay is ideal for any sort of dimensional work.  In my case I am making jewelry.  For those of you who work with miniatures, build model train cities or work on assemblages and other hobbies I know you will see how the clay has many different applications.

 The project begins with a few items.  A shell I picked up in Florida, miniature ceramic lady, some old rhinestone chain, crystals, screw eyes, gem stone ships and our Jewelry Clay.

 My shell has a very thin edge.  In order to make my rhinestones sit flat, I built up a ridge.

 I also used the clay to attach my lady and gemstones.  See how my rhinestones are all facing straight up now?  I also attached my screw eyes at this point so that when the clay was cured this pendant would be instantly wearable and I could attach anything to the bottom.

My last step was to apply some silver Pearl-Ex.  This powder just clings to any exposed clay and makes my rhinestones look like they were soldered in place.

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